These programs were currated from Github and built into BlueJ packages.

To use these programs...

☑️ Install BlueJ from the Software Center(Cobb County Schools) or

☑️ Download the Zip (buttons on the bottom of this page).

☑️ Extract the Zip and move to a working location (One Drive on school computers).

☑️ Click on the BlueJ package to open in BlueJ.

BlueJ File Structure

Find the file in the program with a main method.

☑️ Compile all parts of the program (right click on the files and select compile).

☑️ Find the part of the program that has the option void main(String[]args) by right clicking each.

☑️ Select void main(String[]args) and hit enter (or select OK) to run the program

BlueJ File Structure BlueJ File Structure BlueJ File Structure

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