Create a Side Project!

Each side project has starter code available. Click the starter code and choose fork to copy it to your Sandbox in CodeHS. Then start coding, make the project your own by changing it into what you want it to be.

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Python Text Based Adventure Tutorial

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Python Pygame Car Racing Game

This is to be completed in Thonny. The video, game images, and starter code are in the folder. Copy all the parts into your One Drive Folder to make the game. Try and add some new features!
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Python Hangman Game

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Python To Do List App

python calc

Python Calculator

python calc

Python Typing Test

HTML Typing

HTML, JS, CSS Typing Game


HTML, JS, CSS Dino Replica Game

HTML Bricks

HTML, JS, CSS Brick Breaker Game

HTML Flip Card

HTML, JS, CSS Flip Card Animation

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HTML, JS, CSS Connect 4

This is a great tutorial which shows how to edit HTML, CSS, and inject JavaScript into a website.
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Create an App Using App Lab

App Lab is a great platform for exploring how to build simple apps. The language in the background is JavaScript and it is easy to get started. Login with Google or make a free account. You can test and share apps you make on your phone!
Java Text Game Pic

Java Text Based Adventure

Java Calculator Pic

Java Calculator with Swing

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Java Brick Breaker Game

This Java program is graphical and runs best locally, it will run in Sandbox poorly, a little better in Replit and even better if you run it with BlueJ or another local IDE.
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Java Platformer

Unfortunately this must be completed using the YouTube tutorial.
Java Picture

Java Typing Tester

This Java program is graphical and runs best locally.
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Java Lost Adventurer

This Java program is graphical and runs best locally.

More Links

The links below will take you to pages that are not course specific. These will allow you to explore other computer science and coding topics.